Egregious Live on You Tube (restored from 4/6/22)

My sincerest apologies for yesterdays link situation… sadly the live sound did not go much better. The boys of Egregious gave it there all and in the end I failed them, or rather I failed myself. With the continuous growth and mass requests to be on The Urban Journal I upgraded a few things around here and made some other much needed improvements to bring you more content in real time. After 2 days of setting up for this and an interview with Von Sage happening right before the live run, I could not obtain all 3 adapters needed to complete the chain from my 8 channel audio interface plug (firewire) to a modern day mac port (usb-c / thunderbolt 4) and chose to go with what else was available, a 2 channel usb 3 fed solo. So when the boys of Egregious hit the gas… the power got sucked right out of the cable so to speak.

No matter, we fixed the video link so you can watch it anyhow —-> so enjoy that because its still one hell of a show !!! Then I got their first interview ever, live right after !!! That video can be found right here —->

So in short, I have invited them back in 2 weeks to do another show and I promise to have the 8 channel rack-mounted audio interface up and running on the new system to bring you bright clear BIG sound…

Much Love,
Mikey Nitro

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